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姓名 黃才炯 (T.J. Huang)
組別 機械設計組
教授室 機械系館七樓91725
分機 62115
傳真機 06-2352973
  1. 美國紐約州立大學 機械系 博士(美國 8306 - 8702 )
  2. 美國紐約州立大學 機械系 碩士(美國 8102 - 8309 )
  3. 國立中興大學 機械系 學士(中華民國 7210 - 7607 )
  1. 碰撞人偶設計及研究
  2. 人體動力與運動學
  3. 汽車碰撞與安全工程
  4. 機械設計
  5. 車輛安全防護設備設計
  6. 生物真實性及傷害研究

A. 期刊論文

  1. Huang T. J.;Chang L. T.,"Design and Evaluation of Shock Absorbing Rubber Tile for Playground Safety",Materials and Design;,(SCI 2009)
  2. Huang T. J.;Wu J. T.,"An ATD Neck model Based on Multi-body Dynamics Subjected to Rear Impact",Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering;,(SCI 2009)
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  4. Huang, T. J.;Wu, J. T.;Huang, C. T.,"A Swept Volume Approach Based on Hermite Interpolation for Optimization in Collision-free Motion Planning",Journal of The Chinese Institute of Engineers;,(SCI 2009)
  5. 黃才,"最佳分身-碰撞人偶的發展",; 車輛研測資訊65期,(中華民國期刊論文 2008)
  6. Chang L. T.;Huang T. J.,"Protective Performance of Plate-Cell Rubber Tiles against Childhood Head Injury on Playground Surfaces - A Finite Element Analysis",Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering;,(SCI 2007)
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  8. Shams T.;Beach D.;Huang T.,"Development of Thor-FLx: A Biofidelic Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot System for Use 5th Percentile Female Crash Test Dummies",Stapp Car Crash Journal;,(other 2002)

B. 研討會論文

  1. Huang TJ;Wu JT;Chang LT,"Study on Occupant Neck Injury under Different Levels of Energy Rear Impact",APAB 2007;,( 2007)
  2. 吳鈞泰;黃才,"人體測試器頭頸部電腦模型對脫位碰撞之模擬",TSB 2007;,( 2007)
  3. Huang TJ;Yeh CY;Wu JT;Dai Y,"Impact Analysis and Simluation of Crash Test Dummy Ribcage Mechanism",2007 ISB Congress;,( 2007)
  4. 黃才,"汽車碰撞測試人偶胸腔機構的碰撞分析與模擬",TSB 2006;,( 2006)
  5. Huang TJ;Wu JT,"Development of multi-layer ATD neck lumped-mass computer model subjected to rear impact",5thWCB;,( 2006)
  6. 吳鈞泰;黃才,"汽機車乘客頸部鞭打症電腦模擬",TSB 2006;,( 2006)
  7. Huang TJ;Chang LT,"Simulation of Free-Fall Child with Different Impact Angles",APB 2005;,( 2005)
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