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美商弗克司 Manufacturing Engineering Manager

ob Title:  Manufacturing Engineering Manager


1.Identify and implement opportunities to improve manufacturing environment and capability
-Augment standard work instructions and advise on process as necessary
-Create visual aids, production aids, jigs and fixtures for production and quality as relates to manufacturing
-Investigate and arrange manufacturing equipment and tooling procurement, work with tooling vendors to see through the building of tooling
-Document justification for purchase/ROI analysis of tooling or aids
-Identify training needs for manufacturing related to assembly process, arrange or conduct training as appropriate

2.Provide engineering support to Manufacturing, Design Engineering, Purchasing, QC and Management
-Identify, research, implement solutions to issues related to assembly/manufacturing, engineering documentation and quality on new product and product released to production
-Lead Taiwan manufacturing engineering team and work closely with US Team to implement solutions
-Identify, evaluate and implement design changes to improve manufacturability, improve quality, reduce costs and reduce material variances
-Complete any associated drawing mark-ups/revisions and ensure any required BOM revisions are completed with design team
-Problem investigation and resolution of field reports, service and warranty, and supplier issues
-Create, approve, and coordinate any temporary deviations required
-Attend/facilitate meetings with manufacturing and purchasing to ensure communication and review issues/opportunities
-Provide feedback to Design Engineering group to ensure incorporation into new designs

3.Cost Reduction and Standardization
-Identify, evaluate and implement changes to assembly process to reduce material and labor costs
-Identify standardization opportunities relating to assembly, work flow and tooling

4.Provide input on new designs
-As new designs are released, provide feedback to the design group as to the manufacturability of design and capability of assembly line to produce design.



-Background in mechanical engineering or similar fields

-3  years of experience in a Senior ME role of an assembly factory. Must be able to provide examples of novel design solutions.

- Proficient with Pro/E, SolidWorks, 6 Sigma

-Previous experience in fluid dynamics or precision mechanical systems is an asset
-Organized, concise communication skills in both English and Mandarin Chinese



美商弗克司股份有限公司(FOX Factory, Inc.) 具備超過三十年的避震器設計與製作經驗,目前生產的高性能避震器囊括雪車、登山車、摩托車、沙灘車、貨卡等。

1974年,FOX的創辦人Bob Fox,從朋友家中的車庫起家,當時所有的設計圖都是一筆一筆繪製而成的,同年度,公司創辦人Bob Fox開始應用自己設計的避震器於競賽摩托車中。

秉持「Good enough is not good enough」的信念,直至今日,FOX已成為全球知名的避震器品牌,並成為世界級大小競賽中的佼佼者。





If interested, please send your resume/cv to: