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姓名 何青原 (Ching-Yuan Ho)
組別 機械製造與材料組
教授室 91716室
分機 62165
  1. 國立清華大學電子工程博士
  1. Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. 2020/02~
  2. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. (2010/2/1 - 2020/01/31)
  3. Furnace Department RD manager, Powerchip Semiconductor Company. (2006/10 - 2009/1)
  4. Researcher, Electronic & Optoelectronic system research Laboratories , Industrial Technology Research Institute, 2004/09~2006/09
  5. Integration technical manager, BEOL Technology Division, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, 1995/09~2002/08
  1. VLSI process integration, nano material application, metal corrosion analysis, solar cell and hydrogen generation

1. 工業技術研究院九十四年研究金牌獎,“高密度與低耗能磁性記憶體研究開發”.

2. 2016台北國際發明暨技術交易展,專利發明銅牌.


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